Hans Augustenborg

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Role: Creative, Producer


Science says that joining a club strengthens your mental health.
- welcome to the club!

Idea, script-writing, direction, casting, cutting, art direction and everything in between
done by me and Anna Gunvor Hyttel.

Kravling Award 2018 - shortlist

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750.000+ views
3200+ shares
7500+ likes
(Most viewed campaign on the client's SoMe ever)

TV Commercials

TV Commercials

Welcome to the choir

Welcome to a fresh morning routine

Welcome to badminton

Busstop Posters

Busstop Posters

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Postkort A6 - ABC3.jpg
Postkort A6 - ABC2.jpg
Videos for SoMe

Videos for SoMe

''tag a friend'' for SoMe

''tag a friend'' for SoMe

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